2N® Access Commander

Comprehensive Access System Management Studio

The 2N® Access Commander provides easy to follow configuration functions for all 2N IP intercoms and stand-alone readers. It also equips the user with 2N’s Attendance System module – software that allows your company to take advantage of such functions as Presence and Attendance for your employees. Installed on your PC using a virtual server, the 2N® Access Commander can be setup for access via a web browser; either locally or from anywhere/anytime using your tablet, Smartphone, or PC! Designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, the 2N® Access Commander is easy to install and use, and requires no formal training. This product has been specifically designed for the customer who needs comprehensive management of their 2N intercoms and access system components, while taking advantage of the attendance recording and reporting features.

  • Access via the web interface
  • Easy installation, onboard wizard, and simple configuration tools
  • Allows for bulk configuration of 2N IP intercoms
  • Low operating costs
  • User-friendly tutorial during first launch
  • Integrated attendance system


2N® Access Commander is delivered as a complete package in .OVA format designed for import to virtual machine
OVA file can be imported as an appliance to VMware (version 5) as well as to VM VirtualBox software

Minimal HW requirements for PC / server
Note: The specifications below allow for 50 devices (2N Helios IP or or 2N® Access Units) connected to 2N® Access Commander.
Operating System: Any 64-bit system (Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris)
CPU: 2GHz; 2 core (x86 – 64)
RAM: 4GB (2GB intended for the virtual system + 2GB for the host system)
*Internet connectivity: To upgrade the system, an Internet connection is required with a minimum throughput of 512kbit/s.

Supported browsers
Optimized for the Google Chrome browser (version 40 or higher)
Other supported browsers are:
• Mozilla Firefox (version 35 or higher)
• Internet Explorer (version 11 or higher)
As other browsers have not been tested, their full functionality cannot be guaranteed.

Recommended limitations for 2N® Access Commander
500 users
100 devices (2N® Access Unit and 2N Helios IP intercoms)

Communication security
https protocol

Number of log events
2N® Access Unit and 2N Helios IP intercom – up to 10 000 events in RAM memory
2N® Access Commander – unlimited

2N® Access Commander

Free to download from 2N web site = free to use for 1 2N Helios IP intercom or 1 2N® Access Unit


2N® Access Commander – license for +5 users (block of 5 licenses)
2N® Access Commander – license for +25 users (block of 25 licenses)