Installation Videos

Watch our installation videos to find out how to set up your 2N Helios IP intercom.

2N® Mobile Video Tutorial

This tutorial guides the viewer through the process of account creation, registering their 2N Helios device, and adding their Android/iOS smart device to allow for calling via the 2N® Mobile Video cloud.

2N FAQ Tutorial

A video showing how to access and use for manuals, whitepapers, etc.

2N Firmware Upgrade

How to upgrade the firmware version of your 2N IP Helios device.

2N Helios IP Call Sequence Tutorial
An instruction video showing how to program various call sequences for extension, point to point, and smart device calling via the Helios’ physical or virtual buttons.

2N Helios IP Addressing Tutorial
How to modify the IP address associated with your 2N Helios device, including static and DHCP options.

2N® Helios IP Eye Tutorial
Instructions on downloading, installing, and configuring the IP Eye application and demo of screen pop and surveillance modes of operation.

2N Helios IP Password Change Tutorial

Instructions on how to modify your login password when accessing a 2N Helios IP device.

2N Helios IP Time Profile Tutorial
How to create, modify, and use the 20 onboard time of day profiles.

2N® Network Scanner Tutorial

Instruction on downloading, installing, and using the 2N® Network Scanner.

2N RFID Card and PIN Administration Tutorial
Instructions on how to configure RFID card and PIN information for the 2000 user positions on the 2N Helios IP devices.