IP Intercoms

Reliable Security for all Conditions

Based upon a foundation of advanced technology coupled with a clean, attractive design, the 2N Helios IP door and security intercoms are the clear choice for all your audio, video, and access control needs. Using SIP IP audio communication and HD quality video (certain models), the 2N family of intercoms strengthen your security capabilities.

2N Helios IP intercoms present a comprehensive portfolio of security offerings for businesses and individuals. Whether for access control, monitoring areas of your premises, or connecting to the 2N Attendance system, you are ensured a high level of reliability, security, and peace of mind.

2N IP intercoms boast an impressive number of security functions, known as the 2N 360° SECURITY SHIELD®. Our shield is based on the paradigm that our customer’s needs come first, followed by an understanding of the customer’s area of business, and of the customer’s security requirements – all factored to provide a proposed solution tailored to your specific needs.