2N® Net Mic

Real-time Announcements from a Dedicated Console

2N® NetMic has become 2N® Net Mic.

The 2N® Net Mic provides you with an integrated hardware console, giving the user the ability to initiate realtime audio announcements, transmission of pre-recorded music or messages, and the ability to monitor audio transmissions in different zones – all using IP technology.  Stylish and efficient, the 2N® Net Mic easily integrates into your LAN/WAN and effectively provides PA functionality for businesses, schools, and public/private sector facilities.

  • Direct audio broadcasts to different zones
  • Monitor audio being played in different zones
  • Option of connecting anywhere in the network (IP solution)
  • Easy and comfortable operation (even without a computer)
  • Simple configuration using the 2N® NetSpeaker Control Panel application


Power supply
12 to 32V, max. 1A
PoE in accordance with 802.3af standard

Logical inputs: Two, galvanically separated, sensitive to contact or charge from 5 to 48V
Relay output: 1, galvanically separated, NO and NC contact, max. load 48V, 1A
Earphone output: Jack 3.5mm, stereo, power output 2 x 30mW, min. impedance 16Ohm, DR 101dB, THD+N -85dB
Main microphone input: Symmetrical, XLR, integrated phantom current of 24V, DR 88dB, THD+N -82dB
Microphone input for headset: Jack 3.5mm, integrated current for electret microphones, DR 84dB, THD+N -78dB
Line input: Jack 3.5mm, symmetrical mono or non-symmetrical stereo, DR 93dB, THD+N -82dB

Audio stream
PCM, 44,100kHz, 16bit, Stereo (1650 kbps)
Speakers: 2 built-in, stereo, power output 2 x 1W

209 x 65 x 143mm

Operating temperature
32 to 104°F

Buttons and captions
Dimensions of captions: 39.6mm width x 9mm height
Large button (speak): 25.5mm x 12mm
Small button (listen) 12mm x 12mm

Amusement park

From the park’s Security Office, an announcement can be initiated throughout the park advising guests and employees that a child has been found. This announcement will override background music being streamed and can be set to go out to all zones or selected zones only as appropriate.


2N® Net Mic

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