• Access Systems with New Firmware 2.18.1

    We are issuing new firmware for all 2N Helios IP intercoms. Read what the new functions and improvements offer: Option to add a customer’s language to the Verso model’s display – in addition to the 7 languages already included, text may be easily adapted to any language. An image from intercom camera can be obtained from up to 30 seconds in the past – this…

  • Bluetooth technology for the 2N® Helios IP Verso and 2N® Access Unit

    We have integrated Bluetooth technology into the 2N intercoms and access systems, strengthening our position as global leader in IP intercoms. We bring you a safe and convenient way to open doors using smart phones or tablets with the 2N® Mobile Key application. Doors can be opened in several different ways. Currently available is Tap Mode. Tap Mode lets you to tap the door open…

  • PF 2017

    You are part of the joy of doing business. Thank you and Happy Holidays.
  • 2N IP Intercoms with New Firmware 2.18.0

    We are issuing the new firmware 2.18 for all 2N Helios IP intercoms. Read about the new functions and improvements the new version brings. Most of these changes incorporate enhanced communication security. Audio and video encryption – communication between intercoms and remote communicators is secured against listening with SRTP packets. Authorization for the RTSP server – option for setting your own login name and password…

  • 2N Awarded Czech Exporter of the Year 2016

    The Czech Chamber of Commerce confirmed 2N Telecommunications place as amongst the best exporters in the Czech Republic. The results were announced this week in Prague‘s beautiful Kaiserstein Palace. At the 22nd annual Exporter of the Year competition 2N was recognized in three categories: 1st place – Export Increase 2014-2015 (exporter with 100–500 mil. Kč export) 1st place – Expansion Opportunities (10 new export countries)…

  • We are introducing the innovative 2N® SmartCom PRO

    We will be offering an improved 2N® SmartCom PRO to all our partners and customers from mid-December. Some changes have been made, especially to the hardware. The new generation of the comprehensive M2M solution developed for wireless administration of terminal devices and remote systems brings extended modularity options compared to the previous model. The main features of the new 2N® SmartCom PRO include: Enhanced system…

  • New version of 2N® Access Commander 1.6.0

    Before the end of the year, we will be rolling out a new version of the 2N® Access Commander software. The software allows administration of building access authorisations and the bulk of 2N devices to be configured. As we see security as an integral part of modern access systems, the new version has improvements in this area. Version 1.6.0. offers the following functions: Security –…

  • 2N launches a new IP intercom, the 2N® Helios IP Base

    From the end of October, we are expanding our offering of stylish compact IP intercoms with the 2N® Helios IP Base, bringing high quality finishing and audio/video in HD quality. Intercom 2N® Helios IP Base offers sharp images with its integrated HD camera and excellent audibility in all conditions, using advanced sound processing. The base model can be extended with a 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz RFID…

  • 2N approved as Genetec Technology Alliances Partner

    We are proud to announce that we have been recognized as an approved Genetec Technology Alliances Partner. This certificate confirms that all 2N Helios IP intercoms, and all 2N IP audio devices sharing the same firmware, have successfully passed the self-certification process for Sipelia 2.1GA and its upcoming versions. Our product line is thus confirmed to perform adequately. Thanks to the interoperability with Sipelia communication…

  • Access systems with new 2.17.0 firmware

    We are releasing new firmware for all 2N Helios IP intercoms, 2N access units and SIP audio systems. Learn about new features and improvements it brings. Those are mainly changes regarding higher security access. Forced password change – user is obliged to change their intercom password from default one to a stronger one due to increased safety. Onscreen keyboard with changing layout – it is…