2N® SmartCom PRO

IP M2M – Efficient Device Management

Providing you with a complete M2M solution, the 2N® SmartCom PRO is ideal for the centralized management of all your remote devices and systems via IP technology. With its ability to monitor your units, pull data for analysis, and provide configuration and firmware updates to/from vending machines, meters, sensors, and various other devices, the 2N® SmartCom PRO makes your implementation a clear and efficient champion. Create a secure GPRS/UMTS/LTE data network connection, independent of protocol, to provide full remote control and administration of all your devices.

  • Centralized device administration and remote control
  • Wireless solution
  • Significant cost savings
  • Supports a wide range of industry standards
  • Secure communication
  • Remote retrieval of data and metrics
  • Many programmable functions allowing you great flexibility


Telit series xE910

RS232: D-sub 9 pin
RS485, M-Bus or second RS232: Plug-in screw connector
2x built-in relays:
• Max. carrying current: 2A
• Max. switching voltage: 250 VAC / 220VDC
• Max. switching power: 62.5VA / 30W
3x configurable inputs
• Analog 0-20mA
• Analog 0-10V
• Digital with adjustable level
• S0 pulse input

Optional Interfaces
Ethernet: 100Mb/s
Wireless M-Bus: 868MHz, 169MHz, 433MHz
IEEE 802.15.4:
• ZigBee
• Zigbee Smart Energy profile
Other wireless: KNX RF, RS232, TinyMesh

Power supply: 6-24V DC
Power consumption: Up to 7W
Backup: External 6/12V Lead-acid battery with automatic charging

Physical & Environmental
Dimensions: 100x105x30 mm
Mounting: DIN Rail (optional)
Operating temperature range: -40° to 185 °F
Operating humidity: 0 % to 80%

2N® SmartCom PRO

2N® SmartCom PRO UMTS US ETH, RS485, GPS, ZigBee, no adapter
2N® SmartCom PRO UMTS US ETH, RS485, GPS, ZigBee, 100-240V US Plug
2N® SmartCom PRO UMTS US ETH, RS485, GPS, ZigBee, 100-240V WW Plug