02.06.2017 Solutions

2N IP Audio Helps Pamper Clients of Britain’s Largest Spa

Located in the city of Wokingham, not even an hour’s drive from London, Nirvana Spa is the largest spa complex in the United Kingdom, including a fitness center and restaurant. Pleasant music soothes guests throughout the day and throughout the space. When the music broadcasting system required an update, the spa turned to 2N for a solution.

The audio system used in the Nirvana Spa was outdated. The only options were analog transmissions from a radio or CDs. The system settings failed to allow playing different music in different parts of the spa. However, Nirvana Spa had an extensive IP network available, so the installation of IP audio was an obvious choice. The installation of 2N® Net Audio Decoder Lite and 2N® Net Audio Encoder products, sustained the existing analog network while achieving new options. Additionally, the entire system is now easily managed using the 2N® IP Audio Manager software, while 2N® Net Mic provides an option of broadcasting a live or prerecorded message.

Please see our reference project here to learn specifically how we implemented the 2N IP Audio system at the Nirvana Spa.