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Meet The Brand New 2N® IP Style. Introducing Our New 10“ Flagship (And The Future Of Intercoms For Years Ahead).
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Meet the brand new 2N® IP Style

Introducing our new 10“ flagship (and the future of intercoms for years ahead).
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Legacy cabling can no longer hold you back

2N products which use a free cloud calling service will win you new projects.
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Discover WaveKey technology

Raise the standards of smartphone access control systems to the next level together with us.
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What does an elevator need to be smart?

A case study for elevators at airports.
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Customer Success Stories

Learn how 2N has helped its customers solve their needs and succeed in today’s challenging world.
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Functionality demonstrations, product introductions, successful installation, how-to videos, significant events. All this and much more on the 2N YouTube channel.