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Concern about cybercrime via IP technology is real. Cybersecurity is an issue for the entire intercom and access control industry. But if you follow certain procedures, you can significantly reduce the risk.

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attack. Cyberattacks are usually designed to access, change or destroy sensitive information, or interrupt normal business processes.

Implementing effective practices, not just against cybersecurity threats but also for security generally, is very challenging. Security is 2N’s number one priority. To underscore commitment to cybersecurity, our methods have multiple layers of protection spread across all our products and applications, design and testing, GDPR privacy by design and company identity.

All our components create an effective defence not just against cybersecurity attacks. It represents 2N’s approach to its key business priority—our customers.

Products and Applications

A weakness in a single product can put the whole system at risk, which is why it is crucial to focus on the security of each product and application. We’ve implemented features to make them as secure as possible.


Design and Testing

As a manufacturer of smart network devices, we design our products and services with (cyber)security in mind. Our professional designers analyse all known security threats and design the product to reduce potential risk. Careful testing of the product before its official release is standard. Everything is designed to deliver products, services and solutions that fulfil the highest cybersecurity standards!


GDPR Privacy by Design

Our company puts a lot of effort into personal data security. We develop our products to ensure full functionality, guaranteed output, secure personal data protection and prevention of personal data misuse.


Company Identity

Security is not only about cyberattacks or physical security issues. Our teams protect the company’s assets and resources, and we firmly believe that the first step in producing safe and secure products comes from the company’s global approach and values.