2N in 2017 once again met the conditions to merit the Dun & Bradstreet “Top Rating”. Thanks to this we take our place among the elite 2% of highest quality Czech and Slovak companies that meet the strict criteria.


The “Top Rating” is awarded only to companies with the highest D&B Rating of 1, achieved continuously for a period of at least 12 months. This consists of 2 parameters:

  • financial strength, calculated from own capital or the founding capital of the company,
  • the risk factor, which outlines the likelihood of success in a business transactions relative to the likelihood of the entity’s possible bankruptcy.

The internationally recognized “Top Rating” gives a summary view of the risks, based on financial and non-financial information. The certification we have achieved is a recognition of our stability, solvency and credibility and a mark of our prestige on world markets. At the same time it warrants that doing business with 2N is at the lowest possible level of risk, without any looming cash-flow issues.