Prague Head Office Upgrade

We spend more than a third of our lives at work, which is why we try to make our employee workspace as nice as possible. We believe strongly that the environment we spend our time in not only affects our feelings and thinking, but also our performance.


In cooperation with designers and architects we developed an overall design concept for all the respective offices, leading to specific interior solutions. The renovated spaces were given a more youthful, more modern and cleaner appearance overall, significantly increasing their aesthetic appeal and functionality. Our new-style offices reflect not only our efforts to harmonize work and personal life, but also our corporate values, culture, goals and vision.

The offices are now better structured, and although still open-space, they now provide for greater privacy and ‘covering your back’. Further additions include a backlit front desk made of Corian, glass partitions to the meeting rooms, brighter ceiling lighting and fire doors.

At the same time, we have enlarged and made cosier the R&R space across from the kitchens, where everyone can take a break and turn their mind to other things. The kitchens we have modernized and modified so you those arriving are no longer put out by the sight of dirty dishes. We have also added a water filter and a coffee nook.

Novel and intriguing is the use made of smart paints on some of the walls. We can now write on the walls with a marker, which can then be easily wiped off. Everyone sports-minded welcomed the conversion of one of the wash-room spaces into a shower.

In addition, the entire premises are automated and controlled using our smart solutions, such as IP door intercoms, the 2N® Indoor Touch communicator touch-panel or the IP audio based sound system. Thanks to the reconstruction we’ve also been able to install the necessary facilities for developing and testing various mechanisms or products, such as our acoustic, barometric or salt chamber.