17.09.2018 Products

2N® Indoor Talk: The Latest Answering Unit

The latest answering unit from 2N has an attractive design and is easy to use. Presenting the 2N® Indoor Talk, an elegant, but affordable communicator for your home.

Answer visitors from the comfort of your home using the 2N® Indoor Talk, an elegant answering unit with HD sound. When developing this product, we made sure to use high-quality audio components. This means you can speak to visitors outside your home as if they were standing right next to you, before letting them in by simply touching an icon. Choose from 10 ringtones or activate the “Do not disturb” mode in order to restrict calls from the IP intercom. The 2N® Indoor Talk is easy to modify to your requirements. It can also be used as a supplementary answering unit to another unit from 2N in your home.

Installation of the unit is easy. We have created a special flush installation box, which enables you to gently rotate the answering unit after it is fitted for a perfect horizontal position. This box will also be shared by all other 2N answering units, which will enable you to easily upgrade your system without the need to modify existing installations.

Watch the 2N® Indoor Talk Introduction