29.05.2018 Products

2N® IP Base expands its functionality

As of June 2018 we are expanding the possibilities for using our 2N® IP Base intercom. After upgrading to the latest firmware version 2.23.1, you gain access to advanced functions, the same as with other 2N IP intercom models with a camera. 

2N® IP Base expands its functionality

Starting from 1 June 2018 you may insert any available licence into your 2N® IP Base and, according to the type, activate for instance the ONVIF protocol and video streaming for connection to a camera system or encrypted communication for increasing installation security. User sounds might be an interesting option for some, facilitating voice-driven navigation for visitors. The licence is linked to the intercom serial number. 

What other functions can 2N® IP Base be expanded to perform: 

- Motion detection
- Sending photos from the intercom to your email
- Intercom update via HTTP or TFTP 
- Noise detection

Have a look at the complete range of licences and functionalities.

Are you still wondering if 2N® IP Base is the right choice for you? Why not try this intercom in your project?