01.09.2017 Solutions

2N Is a Key Partner to Modern, Safe Schools

We try to protect our children every day. They should also be safe at school, where they spend most of their day.

The 2N solutions for safe schools combine several elements that form a complex system protecting schools from the dangers of today’s world. Using products such as 2N® Helios IP Verso and 2N® Access Unit we are able to secure the entry, while the integration of the camera system provides an overview of activity at the front door or gate. A combination of audio products, including the 2N® SIP Speaker and 2N® SIP Mic, based on the IP technology, creates a school sound system available for both live and pre-recorded announcements.

Children are very active and injuries can easily occur, particularly at school playgrounds. A single push-button on the 2N® Helios IP Safety intercom enables calls for help or quick advice from the school health-care professional to guide them in handling the situation.

Is there any particular challenge your schools faces? Perhaps we already have a solution. Take a look at our flyer, showcasing solutions for schools!