19.02.2019 Compatibility

2N Is Ready for the New EN 81-28:2018 Standard for Its Lift Communicators

Last year, the EN 81-28:2018 standard was approved, providing updates to the requirements for new installations of emergency communication devices in lifts.

The new standard, which applied from 1 December 2018, introduced these changes:

  • Update of related standards EN-81-20 (replaces EN 81-1 and EN 81-2)
  • Battery status indicator and correct charging
  • Definition and setting of sound intensity limits
  • Indication of communication device failure to lift users

The new requirements have already been fully integrated into all 2N devices for emergency communication in lifts and are part of the newest firmware versions.

Besides standard battery status error warnings and stopping them via operational SMS, the analogue lift gateway 2N® EasyGate PRO has had its functionality extended with local indication via LED. During on-site servicing, the condition of used batteries can be immediately checked. The central unit of the 2N® Lift8 system has already incorporated local indication via LED.

All 2N lift communicators satisfy the requirements of sound intensity levels. Depending on the model, volume can be adjusted in the software parameters (2N® Lift1) via the trimmer on the sound device (2N® Lift8) or hardware buttons (2N® LiftIP).

Lift communicators have been enhanced with communication device failure indication. If the device experiences an error, the green and yellow LED in the lift’s cabin will alternately blink. If required, the contact to block the lift can also be used along with the option to prevent operation of a lift that has a non-functioning communicator.