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2N products are ideal for residential projects. Take a look at our video and see all the things they can do!

Apartment buildings have a lot of specifics in terms of access control systems. How then should you resolve security and access management at the main entrances to a building? What about access to communal areas? Communication with reception? Not to mention the design requirements playing a major role in carefully designed, architecturally sophisticated projects? The answer to all of these questions is the same—2N products are suitable for most of these residential projects. Take a look at our new video and see our comprehensive solutions!

2N residential videos

We are the only company worldwide with a comprehensive product portfolio ideal for residential buildings. This portfolio not only offers simple installation and administration but attractive designs and a wide range of devices to suit various situations.

An effective access solution

Each situation requires its own specific solution. Our portfolio includes 7 different intercoms that let you provide simple access control for buildings and communication with reception.

Secure parking

Entry to garages is made easy with the 2N® Mobile Key mobile application. All you need for authorisation is a mobile phone and a 2N device with Bluetooth technology.

Easy communication with visitors

Our answering units have excellent designs, highly rated by the panel at the renowned Red Dot Design Award competition. This aesthetically pleasing solution fits perfectly into each and every interior and is also very practical, allowing connection with a UTP cable and configuration through a web interface. Starting up the unit’s operation is a matter of a few minutes, and user control is very intuitive.

Integration with home automation systems

The 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 communicator can be integrated with home automation systems. The answering unit can also be used as a controller for an air-conditioning or audio system.

Simple administration

Our cloud platform offers you professional options to manage all 2N devices. Online monitoring, remote administration and the option to create several residential systems at once or integrating third-party systems mean you save time and can enjoy the greater flexibility and simplicity of operation.

Smart, secure and innovative products from 2N use 21st-century technology to manage access and provide security to buildings.

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