27.02.2018 Solutions

2N Products in Award-Winning Retirement Village

Bournville Gardens Retirement Village with 212 apartments needed an extremely user-friendly access control solution. 2N products were ideal due to their simple-to-use nature and many valuable features. Not only for that were they chosen for this project.

Designed by our partners T.I.S. and CIE, a cost effective and future-proof infrastructure with 2N products was implemented. 2N® IP Force is guarding a parking lot and 2N® IP Vario secures entrances giving visitor options to call a particular apartment or a reception. The residents can answer the call by a SIP phone or via their smartphones or tablets using 2N® Mobile Video service.  

2N Guarding a Retirement Village

Check out this project with 2N products that was awarded the Combined Security & Fire Solution of the Year.

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