13.10.2017 Special Offers

A Brand New Catalogue of Elevator Systems

2N launched a new well-organized catalogue introducing products from a family of elevator systems, renowned among the absolute top worldwide.

A major portion of the catalogue focuses on specific introduction of the 2N® Lift8, 2N® Lift1 a 2N® LiftIP emergency elevator communicators. They enable you to call for help in case of getting trapped in an elevator. The introduction showcases smart extensions and covers equipment and software for monitoring elevators. The catalogue also provides a clear overview of all available models and their add-ons, including ordering numbers.

The catalogue features product photos, including large on-site photographs, as well as lists of key product functions, technical specifications and a short description of the recommended use. All this forms an excellent tool for introducing the 2N elevator system portfolio.

Take a moment to check out our new elevator system catalogue.