11.04.2018 Products

A Brand New Service for Technicians

What if 2N intercoms and access units could be configured remotely? What if you didn’t have to go anywhere and yet provide your customer with instant technical support? Without costs. This is precisely what the new 2N® Remote Configuration service enables.

The 2N® Remote Configuration service is available from the www.my2n.com portal. Create an account at the portal, connect the individual intercoms and access units with their serial numbers and security codes and you are ready to set them up.

Thanks to 2N® Remote Configuration you will have access to their complete web interface. The 2N product setup uses encrypted communication via VPN and is totally secure. Additionally, there is no need to change customer network router settings.

2N® Remote Configuration

Discover a new free service at the My2N Portal enabling you to remotely configure 2N products. All that’s needed is registration.

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