04.02.2019 Compatibility

Administer the 2N® IP Verso with display using Brivo Onair

Take advantage of the certified integration of the 2N® IP Verso with a cloud solution for access control from Brivo for commercial and other buildings.

The Onair configuration tool from Brivo can be accessed from any device via an internet browser and offers an Auto-provisioning function, or automatic update function supporting regular updates of the 2N® IP Verso user directory. As the administrator of a system by Onair, you will be able to set up users and their access rights for both the 2N® IP Verso and access control units from Brivo in one user environment. You can also administer the format of displayed names, determine the telephone numbers the intercom calls and change the code the end user enters to open the door remotely via Brivo Onair. 

One benefit for the end user is rerouting calls from the intercom to their telephone number. After accepting a call, the user can enter a four-digit PIN and open the door for their visitor remotely.

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Take a look at the benefits offered by integrating the 2N® IP Verso with a display with Brivo and how to easily configure your device.

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