08.06.2018 Products

An Out-of-the-Box Solution for a Reliable Access System

The 2N® Access Commander Box is a compact mini-computer with preinstalled professional software that you can easily install yourself to handle your building access system. Simply unpack the computer and plug it in to a power supply and Ethernet. You’re now up and running to add your 2N devices into the system, create new visitors and manage their access rights. All this is handled via a user-friendly web interface.

The 2N® Access Commander Box has all the familiar functions from our 2N® Access Commander software: monitoring attendance, managing visitor cards, online monitoring of connected devices, alarm notifications and more. The fundamental difference is in the method of installation. No dedicated server is needed to install the software. With a limit of 50 connected devices and optimized for 1000 users, the 2N® Access Commander Box is a great solution for small and medium-sized companies or residential buildings.

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