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Get Inspired by Our Customers’ Successful Residential Projects

Are you stuck for ideas for your residential project? Take a look at how 2N products can be used in MDU market and treat your customers to more than just a doorbell. 2N products have been used in many different residential projects in the past. Despite the fact that quite some time has already passed since some of them were installed, their quality and utility value is still the same as the day they were installed. Take a look at a selection of successful projects.

Integrate Easily with a Home Automation System

The modular 2N® IP Verso intercom with a touchscreen and RFID reader was chosen for 24 modern flats in London. Answering calls is handled by 2N® Indoor Touch answering units complemented by the 2N® Mobile Video service. All this is easily integrated into a home automation system by Control4.

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Connect 2N IP Intercoms to Various Answering Units

A requirement for the modernisation of this residential complex with 108 flats and 7 entrances was greater security for the entrances and various demands on answering units. Thanks to the problem-free integration of the 2N® IP Verso security intercom with third-party devices, the solution was simple.

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With 2N Products, Your Customer Can Even Be a Retirement Community

The Bournville Gardens retirement community uses intercoms by 2N and the 2N® Mobile Video service, particularly due to their easy operation. Calls are complemented by a video feed from the intercom on the resident’s TV screen. If a resident does not answer, the call is redirected to reception for safety reasons.

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