14.05.2019 Compatibility

BT has joined forces with 2N: How will this benefit you?

2N collaborates with major companies such as BT. Adding a 2N IP access system to their unified cloud communications platform is simply a question of choosing from a drop-down list.

BT’s Wholesale Hosted Communications platform offers a comprehensive cloud communications solution that now includes a 2N IP access system. The integrator selects a 2N device from the drop-down list on the WHC Sales Zone ordering portal. 2N IP intercoms are configured through the platform according to the project’s needs, and the integrator can easily take on subsequent administration.

This cloud communications solution offers many benefits. There is no need to keep an expensive and quickly outdated PBX in the building where the system is installed. 2N IP intercoms can automatically update through their connection to the cloud. The list of people on the intercom display is therefore always current, just like the device’s firmware. The entire system is also easily expandable.

BT Senior Product Manager Andrew Newbury says “With 2N’s portfolio we can provide resellers with options for the wide-ranging market segments that they support, from a simple office device to a ruggedized device for industrial settings.”

Would you like to know more about our partnership with BT?

Read the full press release about integration of 2N door communications with BT.

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