23.07.2018 Software

Discover the Improvements Brought by the New Firmware 3.4 for the 2N® Indoor Touch

We have just released version 3.4 of our firmware for the 2N® Indoor Touch answering unit. Starting from this version, installers and integrators can set up the whole unit remotely via the web interface, and unit security has also been enhanced.

Remote configuration of the unit via the web interface
All the parameters and functions of the 2N® Indoor Touch answering unit can now be set remotely via the web interface. For example, if a user wants to change the network parameter settings, ring tone volume, or adjust the 2N® IP Mobile application settings for calling over My2N or in a local network, all of these changes can now be performed remotely by the responsible installer. The installer no longer depends on the presence of the user in their flat, which saves travel costs to the installation site.

Remote administration and troubleshooting
It is also possible to remotely upgrade the unit and 2N® IP Mobile application to the latest firmware version. This will be especially appreciated by integrators responsible for dozens or even hundreds of these units, who can now administer all of them remotely from one location. All the unit logs can now also be downloaded via the web interface together with records of network communication (Wireshark trace) to help resolve any possible problems more flexibly.

Enhanced unit security
Due to the growing demands on product security and security against hackers generally, the administrator must change the default password to a new, stronger password after first login. We have also enhanced security with the option of protecting the “Settings” section in the unit to include a numerical PIN.

Support for the new audio codec G.729
We have extended support for audio codecs in the unit and added G.729 to the currently supported G.711 and G.722. This codec will especially be appreciated by mobile operators, allowing them to simply connect 2N answering units to their IP Centrex system – a virtual branch exchange for business purposes.

Are you interested in the new functions?

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