17.12.2018 Solutions

Discover ultimate integrations with 2N products

Sometimes it's a tedious process to find integration features on a product page, isn't it? But you know as well as we do that this key information makes you decide whether the product is a good fit for your installation or not. Let's unravel what changes we're working on to lighten up the process for you.

In the past, the only place related to integrations with our products was a list of global leaders in the field of IP telephony, camera systems or home automation on the 2N product pages. You as a website visitor can click on the logo of the selected partner for more detailed information. Each partner has then its place on the Interoperability page on our wiki.2n.cz. Nowadays we want to move even further.

Explore our Special ''Integrations with 2N'' online section

To change for the better we decided to establish a new place within our online site, dedicated to integrations with 2N product exclusively. The first version consists of a short introduction describing on-demand interactions with VMS, access control systems, home automation applications, security systems and many more. Following page content lists the most important partners and encourages you to discover other tested integrations. You can also get an instant idea of benefits from partnering with 2N.

To top it off there are three different actions you can take. You might contact us in case you would like to integrate with 2N or make an integration suggestion. Finally, we invite you to explore how 2N customers might enjoy integration with Home Automation or similar systems.

We believe that the kickstart integration page expresses how important our current technology partners are for us. Moreover, there is a lot more coming next year. Be sure we'll keep you posted. Without further delay see for yourself.

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Explore our new Integrations with 2N online section

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