31.05.2018 Software

Download Firmware 2.23.1 with Exceptional Functions

We have just released a new firmware version 2.23.1 for our IP intercoms, access control units and SIP audio products. This version lets you use previously unavailable functions, expands integration options and also offers support for newly released modules.

What exactly does all this mean?

  • Licensing for the 2N® IP Base intercom – This version of our FW unlocks all advanced functions of the 2N® IP Base intercom. Thanks to this, you can easily connect the 2N® IP Base to a camera system, make full use of the functions from the Automation section or set voice navigation for visitors with the aid of user-defined sounds. A list of licences and their functionalities can be found here.
  • Support for new 2N® IP Verso modules – Get full support and ensure the functionality of newly released modules combining multiple technologies in one unit. Bluetooth & RFID and Touch Keypad & RFID modules are also available in versions supporting secure card reading (iCLASS SIO).
  • Single-digit PIN to open doors – We’re simplifying work for porters, receptionists or anyone who opens doors for visitors remotely by telephone. All they have to do is enter a single-digit PIN on the telephone keypad. To safeguard maximum security for building access, this is only possible with DTMF on the telephone.
  • Easier integration with Crestron – Thanks to full support for the RAVA protocol, you can call directly from 2N IP intercoms to corresponding units and other Crestron devices. Assign a 2N intercom to the group as part of a whole Crestron installation and call from the porter’s lodge to all devices simultaneously.


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