26.09.2017 Solutions

Effective Visitor Access Management

Even today, there remain companies whose only security for visitors, property and data are locked doors and receptionists completing paper visitor logs. A medium-sized company, visited daily by clients, finds the administrative requirements at Visitor Reception time-consuming and inaccurate. Who belongs to that smudged signature? What company does that scrawled handwriting represent?

The 2N® Access Commander software Visitor Management function is an excellent solution. There is no longer a need to record information in a paper visitor book or spend time searching for older records while another visitor waits impatiently. All information about the client, including facial snapshots (known as CamLogs) are registered in the system and easy to filter. Receptionists may also issue time-limited visitor cards independent from other company locations and re-use them for other visitors. Visitors are more comfortable, no longer required to request access at every door.

Cards are issued for predetermined zones to which access is granted and visitor movement throughout the building is monitored by a 2N® Access Unit at each door. If visitors need access to areas the card doesn’t permit, they simply ring the 2N Helios IP Intercom and the receptionist may open the door remotely.

Is Visitor Management critical in your firm? This is only a fragment of what it can accomplish for you and how a 2N solution can be configured. Take a look at our case study of this function in the 2N® Access Commander program.