28.08.2018 Compatibility

Enhanced Integration with Genetec Security Center

In its capacity as a certified technology partner of GenetecTM, 2N offers the option to directly connect IP intercoms, access units and SIP audio products with the three core modules of the GenetecTM Security Center platform.

The operator can thus handle all calls from 2N IP intercoms via one intuitive interface, view their cameras and manage access for selected people. The interconnection of these modules and use of 2N products provides a maximum level of security for your organisation.

A communication module that 2N devices have been compatible with via the SIP protocol for some time now. The operator can accept calls from 2N IP intercoms or SIP audio products on their computer and also transfer them to other operators or telephones. The operator can also see via their telephone software who is standing at the door and allow them access to the building.

A video monitoring tool designed for monitoring what is happening in your company using all of your cameras. Compatibility between 2N IP intercoms and this module is provided via an ONVIF protocol and RTSP streaming. This ensures you can immediately see who is standing at the door, and if necessary, the operator can begin recording video, zoom in with the camera on the scene or switch between individual cameras to follow the movement of selected persons.

An IP access system that can be directly connected to 2N IP intercoms and access units equipped with an RFID reader, keypad, Bluetooth module or fingerprint reader. Thanks to this, an employee who has forgotten their card can be permitted entry into a building remotely or a selected door can be locked in the event of an undesirable incident or emergency.

Integration of these modules with the GenetecTM Security Center makes 2N unique in the field of IP intercoms and IP access systems.