10.08.2018 Software

Firmware 2.24.0: New Features for 2N IP Intercoms

We have just released a new firmware for 2N IP intercoms and access units. Find out your possibilities following the products update.

  • With the new FW 2.24 a completely redesigned directory of IP intercoms and access units is coming. Since now, you can upload 10.000 users to the unit and assign them different access credentials such as phone numbers and other user information as you are used to from the previous FW versions.
  • Anti-passback feature in its basic form, also called a timed-logical APB, preventing from swiping a card twice in a row in order to gain entry to the same area. IN and OUT readers are required. More complex APB scenarios can be then set up via 2N® Access Commander (version 1.11.0).
  • Adding more users under one quick dial button or creating ‘alias’ for more users under one position in display for parallel calling (ring group calling) with no need to use ‘User deputy’ field anymore.
  • ‘Door forced open’ and ‘Door open too long’ features were added to the Automation section and can be used as events triggering any action you want.

If you want to read the complete release notes or download the firmware, continue to the ‘Firmware’ section.