04.12.2018 Software

FW 1.14 for the 2N® SIP Mic - More Efficient Integration with AXIS Systems and Much More

The 2N® SIP Mic has received a range of improvements thanks to new firmware 1.14. Apart from integration with Axis systems, these include higher quality sound or automatic setting of microphone volume.

The 2N® SIP Mic is now fully integrated into AXIS Audio Manager – a central control station for the user-friendly control of audio equipment. It also supports the VAPIX® protocol, which allows simple integration of the 2N® SIP Mic microphone console into AXIS systems.

With support of two broadband codecs G.722 and L16 and the application of filters to eliminate unwanted distortion, the quality of broadcast audio has been significantly improved.

Other improvements include automatic setting of the microphone volume and a significantly wider range of options for offsetting up logical inputs. The performance of the microphone console has also been optimised thanks to the new MP3 library.

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