13.08.2018 Software

Get the Anti-Passback Function with 2N® Access Commander 1.11

The new version of 2N® Access Commander software 1.11 comes with the Anti-passback security function.

The Anti-passback function allows enhanced access control to include monitoring the abuse of rights for repeated access to a controlled area. For example, if an employee passes their card to somebody else through a window and there is no record that they have left the area, the card will be blocked and will not subsequently allow them into the given Anti-passback area. The aim of this is to ensure compliance with access rules and to increase the level of security in high-security buildings. Anti-passback is offered in two versions:

  • Hard Anti-passback – the user is refused access to the Anti-passback area for a specific period of time or until the block is manually lifted by the administrator.
  • Soft Anti-passback – a breach of access rules for the Anti-passback area is only recorded in the system. In this case, the administrator may be sent notification and individual records can then be used to identify suspicious behaviour.

Detailed set-up instructions can be found in the manual. FW 2.24 must be installed on 2N devices to ensure the correct functioning of 2N® Access Commander 1.11.

New software for 2N® Access Commander

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