07.08.2019 Software

Get the Most from New FW 2.6.0 for 2N® Lift8

Software 2.6.0 for the 2N® Lift8 offers a number of useful new functions. For example, forced GSM/UMTS registration depending on signal quality or modification of the administrative 2N® Service Tool and 2N® Lift8 Communicator application.

The 2N® Lift8 emergency communication system now has a wider range of options for network registration and increases the number of automated processes, thereby increasing its reliability. Take a look at the most important improvements in the overview provided below.

Get details about test calls
When using your own server to plan test calls, you can easily find out whether you have correctly set up next check call and when they will be made.

Increase system reliability thanks to correct module registration
If network registration into primary mobile network (UMTS) does not occur within a defined period (120 seconds), network selection switches from automatic to predefined. The user may set up network order (GSM, UMTS) in which will device register into a mobile operator. In case of insufficient coverage of e.g. 3G network, there is a chance that module will register into the 2G network.

Automate processes thanks to a CPC protocol
Calls to the communication unit in a specific shaft, ending the rescue process in a specific cabin or activation of a test call after ending a current call. These actions can now be automated thanks to the CPC protocol.

Receive an alarm call on a HW phone with no problem
If an alarm call is taken on a HW phone registered in customer’s SIP PBX, 2N® Lift8 Communicator application will correctly enter the received call in the database on the basis of a CANCEL message.

Would you like details about the new software 2.6.0 for the 2N® Lift8?

You will find all new features relating to new software in the overview of changes in the Software section.

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