14.01.2019 Solutions

How to benefit from trends on the MDU market according to 2N?

Take a look at our video with the Head of Product Management at 2N. He describes trends on the MDU market and presents some of the options offered by 2N solutions.

We currently see the greatest trend in the field of MDU in the need for property management companies to integrate products or services with their own solutions. The reason for this is simple - to ensure the simplification and efficiency of the whole installation and its management. For example, you can simply integrate CRM software and thanks to this, easily make changes to telephone directories or configure services for new tenants in the building.

2N meets these requirements by offering services which are ready for integration, for example, by using the 2N® Partner API in the My2N cloud service. This allows intercoms to be easily integrated with third-party devices. All devices are connected via a single hub and so it’s possible to simply integrate all required services.

Take a look at the video