09.05.2019 Products

Introduce Your Customers to the Most Convenient Access Method

We are launching our new Touch mode access method for the 2N® Access Unit 2.0 Bluetooth & RFID, 2N® Access Unit Bluetooth and Bluetooth module for the 2N® IP Verso.

Offer your customers more comfort by using touch mode. The user no longer has to take out their phone with the application, they simply have to have it in their pocket or handbag. The door will open automatically on touching the Bluetooth reader. There’s no longer any need to press anything in the application itself.

Bluetooth – Touch mode is supported by the iOS (version 2.0.4) and Android (version 2.2.2) mobile platforms. Users are guided by new, explanatory instructions in the last version of the application to make configuration easier.

Touch mode is supported from firmware 2.26 or higher and must be set up in IP intercom or 2N Access Unit configuration. Users can now choose between two Bluetooth modes: TOUCH or TAP IN APP in the application mode.

So, how do you configure it?

Take a look at our FAQs. You with find all the necessary information here on how to configure your smartphone and Bluetooth access reader.

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