14.06.2018 Company

Join the lucrative “2N Early Adopters” group

At LinkedIn, we’ve set up a “2N Early Adopters” group for our partners and 2N product enthusiasts. We will regularly share information with you about available beta versions of new 2N firmware and discuss features you think are missing in our products.

In the “2N Early Adopters” group, we will let you know in advance when beta versions become available. We will let you know what to check and where to download the beta version of the 2N firmware for your device to test the new functions. We would then like to get your feedback on new features you test and, of course, any suggestions for further improvement. Our goal is to provide you with the very best functions, services and products and benefit from our cooperation to get a significant lead over the competition on the access control systems market.

Join in and be a part of ongoing 2N product improvements!

Join the 2N Early Adopters