24.10.2018 Software

New 2N® IP Eye Application Version 1.1.5

We have just launched a new version of the 2N® IP Eye application, in which apart from new functions, we also focused on modernising the appearance of the application itself, increasing security and optimising user-friendliness.

So what’s new in this version of the application?

Option to select the default camera
If an external IP camera is connected to the 2N IP intercom, you can set which camera is displayed as the primary camera when a call is received in the application. The receptionist can thus choose whether to first see the detail of the visitor from the 2N IP intercom’s internal camera or the view from an external camera located above the entrance. Camera views can then be switched at will in the pop-up window.

Switching between internal and external cameras in the surveillance window
The 2N® IP Eye can be used in video surveillance window mode, when the facility manager can monitor what is going on in front of several IP intercoms at the same time. A new feature in this mode is the option to switch between the internal and external camera of individual intercoms, providing the facility manager with a free and simple video surveillance tool that is also compatible with the IP cameras of third-party manufacturers.

Logging and enhanced application security
If the application behaves in a non-standard manner, the user can easily download logs from the application and send them to their technical support for detailed investigation and resolution of the problem. We have also implemented a new version of the TLS protocol into the application in order to enhance the security of communication between the IP intercom and 2N® IP Eye, specifically TLS 1.2.

Download the new version of 2N® IP Eye!