14.12.2018 Compatibility

New Possibilities for Integration with the Savant System

Savant has launched its Entry Services product line based on integration with 2N IP intercoms and the 2N® Mobile Video service configuration provided to Integration professionals by the My2N portal. The Savant Entry Service provides a wide range of benefits offered by 2N IP intercoms and 2N cloud services, such as high-quality video, even at night, and the option of receiving notifications and taking video calls via the Savant mobile application.

The integration of the Savant cloud solution and My2N is based on the 2N Partner API, which already allows a wide range of similar B2B integration solutions. Users of the Savant Pro 8 mobile application can now take calls from intercoms wherever they are. Building owners or residents can communicate with visitors via the IP intercom and open the door for them remotely. Savant offers this application in combination with the use of 2N IP intercoms. The application perfectly complements the Savant Pro 8 home automation system.

Users thus now have the option of not only communicating with their visitors remotely, but the application also offers them the ability to see what is going on at any entry point, thanks to a camera with night vision. The Savant Pro 8 application is available for iOS and Android devices.

Integration with the Savant system via the 2N Partner API also allows the simple configuration and monitoring of 2N IP products anywhere in the world from third-party systems.

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