23.10.2018 Company

New Products Introduced at the 2N Partners Meeting 2018

We took a closer look at products that were launched over the course of the year and introduced products that will be released onto the market in the near future at the 2N Partners Meeting, which took place at the end of September. Visitors had the opportunity to see new answering units and redesigned access units, plus much more in person.

The latest addition to the 2N® Indoor Talk series of answering units will soon be an updated version of the existing 2N® Indoor Touch unit, the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0. Next year, the portfolio will grow to include the 4” audio-video unit, the 2N® Indoor Compact and the 2N® Indoor Touch Slim, which catches the eye with its slim body and unique design at first glance.

In response to customer demand, the 2N® IP Base will now be available in new colour combinations, including blue, grey and silver to complement the existing black. Last but not least, the combined access units 2N® Access Unit RFID & Bluetooth and 2N® Access Unit RFID & keypad, providing the ideal solution when you want to use two different access methods, will be released by the end of the year. The 2N® Access Unit Mullion style will also be released next year as an alternative for spaces where a narrower and more compact unit needs to be installed.

You can see all this and much more in the attached video. Would you like more information about upcoming products? Contact us at +1 978 614 2000.

Watch the video introducing new products