09.10.2018 News

No more detours - Find the nearest 2N distributor in a split second

It has never been easier for professionals such as resellers and integrators to find the nearest place to buy 2N products. We have recently launched our new online map of partners with better functionalities and design.

New map of 2N distributors - Find the nearest 2N partner

The reason for the upgrade was commonly practised concept to lead visitors of any website down the path of least resistance. The older version of a map went against the grain of how we thought our users should reach what they came for. The distributors could be found only using the visual map function, there was no list and the only filter enabled to narrow the choice by continent.

So what makes the new map of partners better? First of all, it can be reached directly from the mega menu. A user can filter distributors by country of his/her residence. And finally, the list of filtered distributors appears beside the map. Every indexed distributor contains an address, phone number, items they sell and last but not least a clear call to action button directing users to contact form.

Where to buy

How to use the new map of partners?

  1. Just click on the where to buy button in any version of megamenu.
  2. Choose the country from the list and click on the Search button.
  3. Look at the map, zoom in or out to select the nearest distributor.
  4. Otherwise, scroll down the list of partners which appeared on the right side beside the map.
  5. To contact the distributor just click on the Contact now button.
  6. Fill in the form and click send.

We believe our distributors, resellers and integrators will appreciate the latest upgrade. Don't waste any more time and try it yourself.

Where to buy