19.09.2018 Solutions

Sacre Coeur Equipped with Czech Intercoms by 2N

188 modern residential units and 4 commercial premises are protected by an access control system by 2N. Sacre Coeur, a new residential complex in the centre of Prague, has subsequently won awards for its design in architectural competitions.

Security throughout the complex is provided by 8 top-of-the-range 2N® IP Vario intercoms with a camera, display, mechanical keypad and RFID card reader. A call from the intercom is then rerouted either to reception operating 24/7 or directly to the specific tenant’s flat. All flats are equipped with a 2N® Indoor Touch answering unit with a 7” display.

“The most important criteria for our client when choosing a solution was the design and reliability of the products. That’s why we chose 2N IP intercoms and 2N® Indoor Touch answering units, which met the demanding requirements of this luxury residential housing project.”

Jakub Ševčík, Project Development Manager, ARYKA IN-WEST

2N Access Control System in a Residential Complex

Take a look at our case study and find out how happy the residents of Sacre Coeur are with the 2N access control solution.
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