26.07.2018 Solutions

Securing Your Home While on Holiday

Returning from holiday full of energy, a real disaster could be waiting for you at home. The risk of burglary and theft in flats and houses increases enormously during the summer holiday season. Don’t give thieves a chance! As well as locks and smart sensors, you can also protect your home in summer using door intercom technology.

Police statistics show that most burglaries always occur during the holiday season. Thieves rarely pick a property blindly. They generally choose a building and find out as much as possible about the owners beforehand, not forgetting to check the owners’ social networks and profiles. It is therefore very important to be aware of what information you and the members of your household share publicly. Your children might also post that they are about to go on holiday on their social networks. Anyone can easily read these and, if you add a few selfies from a family get together or garden party, thieves gain more information with just a few clicks than if they were to watch your house for a week.

Secure your home with 2N

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