15.08.2018 Compatibility

Take Advantage of Even Better Integration with Control4

In June 2018 2N released a new version of the Control4 driver for 2N branded intercoms. This version is focusing mainly on fixes of known bugs, stability and reliability of the driver. Our main goal of this release was to ensure solid integration with Control4 controllers, which installer and customer can rely on.

The driver offers integration of audio and video calls to the Control4 touch screens, opening doors and watching the feed from a camera while all the features of 2N branded IP intercom like integration with VMS, picture2email, a connection of extension modules like Bluetooth or fingerprint or user scripted functions are still available. 

Moreover, we are planning to release a completely new driver for 2N branded IP intercoms, which will contain Control4 SDDP protocol for easier integration and other new features to spend even less time on site installing the intercom.

The driver can be downloaded in the standard manner via “Composer” software, through which Control4 projects are set up.

Further technical information, image material and guidelines on setting this up can be found in our interoperability manual.