16.09.2019 Products

Take Advantage of New Installation Option of 2N® IP Verso

Get better coverage of the area in front of your project’s entry doors. It’s simple with the new wedge backplate for the 2N® IP Verso and 2N® LTE Verso security intercoms.

The new accessory tilts the intercom by 25° and minimizes the blind spot area between the edge of the camera angle and the wall. The wedge backplate can also be used outside. It’s universal – you decide whether to rotate the intercom right or left simply by flipping it. The backplate also includes room to connect cables and ensures easy installation.

The backplate is only suitable with surface installation frame and the double-module versions of the 2N® IP Verso and 2N® LTE Verso intercoms. The accessory order number is 01940-001.

See the accessory page and order the first items.

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