26.07.2017 Solutions

The Smart Way to Employ a School Access System

The school building in Prague-Troja is used by three institutions – an elementary school, a high-school and the local municipal facilities. The building was served by an outdated access system that began to malfunction and it was time for a change.

Its individual entries are now secured using the 2N® Access Unit with RFID card readers and the 2N® Helios IP Verso intercoms (or their combination). The intercom enables video-calls to the personnel responsible who can see the image of the caller and decide whether or not to grant them access to the building. Now there is no possibility of unauthorized persons accessing the school complex. Access for students, as well as regular visitors, was established using special cards, public transport IDs and other applicable cards. Additionally, individuals may only be permitted access during certain hours using their cards. The entire system is managed using the 2N® Access Commander application, registering over 600 users.

For details, as well as the opinion of the school director, see our Reference Project.