26.04.2019 Solutions

Use 2N Products for School or Town Security

We would like to remind you of some of our completed installations and inspire you in your future projects. 2N products can be used not only in residential buildings but also in commercial or public areas or for town security.

Use Different RFID Cards for School Access

A school building in Prague was equipped with a 2N® IP Verso intercom with an RFID card reader. The school’s students can use their school ID card or their public transport card to enter the building. Because the building houses three institutions, users were organized into groups using a 2N® Access Commander. The school’s security improved substantially after this equipment was installed and the option to monitor visitors from reception assisted school staff considerably.

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Monitor School Entry with a 2N® IP Force

For school staff in Virginia, USA, it was important to check visitors when they first entered the campus. The main entrance to one of the main buildings was secured with a 2N® IP Force. This device was easily integrated into the existing telephone system and VSM solution, and the staff and students now feel safer as a result.

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Manage a Town Security Project Easily

SOS stations were installed to improve security for residents and visitors to Budapest. In emergency situations, these can be used for rapid communication with an assistance centre. The 2N® IP Safety device is designed for this purpose with a vandal-proof and distinctive design. This device is capable of operating even during a mobile network outage and is powered from traffic lights.

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Reduce Crime with a 2N® IP Safety

This system consists of 150 emergency towers installed with 2N® IP Safety intercoms, which are ready to call for assistance immediately. A high IK10 resistance rating against mechanical damage and ease of use were the main reasons why the San Borja Municipal Authority selected our 2N IP intercom.

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