05.06.2019 Products

World’s First LTE Intercom Available in America

Offer your customers this unique intercom. The 2N® LTE Verso saves costs, while providing all the features of its well-renowned IP brother.

The use of LTE technology for 2N intercoms brings huge benefits. Aside from its power source, the 2N® LTE Verso requires no extra (and expensive) cable installation. Once registered with My2N, it’s simply set up with a web interface. From wherever a tenant is, calls from this intercom are now routed directly to their smartphone. As with its IP version, the 2N® LTE Verso is modular, enabling a setup that most accurately serves your needs. Select from among 13 modules, from classic buttons to Bluetooth or fingerprint-readers.

Do you have a residential project where the entry gate is far from the mansion itself? 2N® LTE Verso is the optimal choice.

The product will be available in July 2019. Contact your sales representative and preorder the first samples.

Introducing 2N® LTE Verso

Discover qualities of the latest LTE intercom from 2N that will definitely fulfil all your expectation.
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