03.10.2019 Events

2N at Interlift: We Can Advise You on How to Switch to the 4G Network

2G and 3G networks are shutting down. Are you ready? Come and talk to us about a suitable lift communications solution for your projects. Find us at stand 5056 at the lift trade fair Interlift commencing on 15 October.

The forthcoming switch to the 4G network has certain pitfalls, especially for lift equipment operators. This is because most lift emergency communications devices operate on a landline or 2G (GSM) or 3G (UMTS) networks. When operators switch off these technologies, lift communicators will not be able to communicate with a control desk. Non-functional communicators will not comply with safety standard requirements.

Don’t get caught out – get ready for the change now! Our experts will demonstrate communications solutions for your lifts and help you select the right solution for your project, whether it’s a modern residential or office complex or older building.

Did you know that lift communications devices can be easily integrated into a building’s entry system with answering units installed in offices or flats? Come and find out at stand 5056.

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