Don’t want to pay for the intercoms in the 2N® Mobile Video service? You can now do it with the new prepayment model.

We have listened to your suggestions and come up with a new prepayment model for the 2N® Mobile Video service. Introducing price per apartment (order number 9137956). If you are working on a large residential project and need an alternative long-term prepayment option, this is ideal for you! The price for one apartment includes four devices connected to My2N cloud. Intercoms are not included in this option – it’s free. What does that mean? It means we are significantly reducing your average price per device!

The 2N® Mobile Video service is especially popular for residential projects. We want more and more customers to discover the benefits. We know that you use the 2N® Mobile Video service as the only answering unit in price-sensitive projects. With the new prepayment model, you can save even more. If your project has more than eight apartments, you don’t have to wait for anything and can immediately offer a price per apartment. All you need to do is contact our distributor in your region.

If you don’t work on residential projects, it doesn’t matter. We have not changed prepayment per device in any way. It just has a new order number (9137955).

Credit Pool as a more efficient payment method

Along with the launch of the new prepayment model, we have new way for you to pay for our cloud service. Each installation point has its own Credit Pool. You add a certain number of credits to the Credit Pool. The price of credit for one device, of course, differs from the price of credit for a whole apartment. The number of credits represents how many devices/apartments 2N® Mobile Video will run on and for how many months.
If, for example, you have 24 credits in your Credit Pool, you can use them to prepay for two devices for a period of 12 months (2 × 12 = 24). Or you can prepay four devices for a period of 6 months (4 × 6 = 24). You will find it easier to handle credits when tenants move or if they change their 2N® Mobile Video service preferences.

Not sure what you get out of all of this?

Ask our sales staff using the contact form. They will explain everything to you.

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