06.12.2019 Compatibility

Management of Access and Communication? A Piece of Cake with Cisco Integration

Our new integrated products let you connect 2N intercoms and access control systems to a Cisco communications infrastructure simply.

Visitors press the intercom button at the door. This is immediately put through to a telephone connected to the Cisco network, and the video call begins. Simple, isn’t it? Our new integrated products let you do exactly that!

The Cisco ecosystem is the gateway of the latest Unified Communications Manager version 12.5. It offers any organisation simple, secure and comprehensive communications. Providing a range of operations—audio or video calls, messaging and conference calls—the platform is flexible and currently used by around 300,000 customers around the world.

This is already an excellent number of potential customers. You can now offer 2N products with integration to a Cisco communications system. What does that mean for you?

  • Simple management of people permitted into buildings.
  • Effective access management.
  • Communication with visitors at the door aided by Cisco equipment.

A combination of Cisco telephony and access control by 2N is already successfully being used by the Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh.

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