13.11.2019 Company

Technology Is Not Just for Men. Join Us, and Together We Can Break down the Stereotypes!

We are launching a new recruitment campaign. Its aim? For a third of our employees to be women by the end of March 2020. Technology and IT, after all, are not just for men. We want to prove this together with all of our employees, male and female.

The statistics available for the Czech Republic and Europe are not very encouraging for women. In 2016, only 15% of students in ICT fields at Czech universities were female, and the European average was only marginally higher at 17.2%. The number of women employed in this sector is even lower. The sector as a whole is growing, and predictions indicate that ICT will have a significant shortage of workers in 2020.

This is why we are doing our utmost at 2N to ensure that technology is a sector offering equal opportunities. We have been striving long-term to create suitable conditions for women to pursue a career explicitly in IT and technology in positions such as development and programming. It is important that our employees can balance the time they spend at work with the time spent caring for their families. We offer flexible working hours, the option to work from home, and new mothers can also choose to work part time.

As a result, we can already be proud that more than a quarter of our technology company is made up of women. Several hold important positions—we have a female HR Director, female Customer Care Head, female Senior Lawyer and female UX Team Head. We have 87 staff members who are women and know that we could have even more!

We all benefit from equal representation of men and women in the team. Research and our day-to-day experience show that mixed teams are more innovative, more creative and work better. However, the main benefit is that employees in mixed teams are noticeably happier. Simply, women are indispensable to the team, the technology and IT sector being no exception.

There is no doubt that working at a technology company has something for everybody!

Take a look and be inspired by the stories of our women.